A Guide to Sizing Bets in Poker Tournaments

Posted on 15th November 2018

Betting is a critical element of any poker game. You need to understand sizing bets so you will be successful. As you go along, you will realise that choosing bet sizes is a tricky task because there is no one “perfect” bet size that can be utilised in all pots.

The ideal bet size will depend on many factors like preflop action, board texture (whether dry or dynamic), which player has a range advantage and including stack depth. If you do not know how to size your bets, you are already making a grave mistake especially if you are joining a poker tournament.

If your opponent gets the feeling that you do not know how to bet, they will surely eat you alive. Additionally, if you put the wrong bet, you are turning yourself into one of the easiest targets at the table. When you are at the table, your goal is to build a solid image and you can do this by sizing your bets correctly.

There is a guideline that you can consider. So, before you head to a casino, you should know the following:

Betting during preflop
When betting during preflop, you have three bet sizes to consider – 2x bet, 3x bet and 2.2 to 2.5x bets. A 2x preflop bet or min-raise is famous among professional players for many reasons but it can lead to potential problems like it leaves you liable to being reraised and it does not put many chips in the pot for you to win when you flop a strong hand.


A 3x bet, on the other hand, is used as a standard opening raise size. This bet size is often used during the early stages of a tournament. Oftentimes, your stack is large relative to the blinds. Finally, you can consider 2.2 to 2.5x bet size if you are learning how to bet professional poker players. This bet size is perfect for two stack sizes – shorter and larger stacks.

Betting during post-flop
When it finally comes to post-flop play, there are many bet sizes that you can consider. The main sizing includes small bets, medium bets, and overbets. Small bets refer to ¼ of the pot size, which invites the same problems as the 2x preflop bet or min-raise. However, it does not mean that there are no times to use small post-flop bets efficiently.

Medium bets, on the other hand, refer to ½ or ¾ of the pot size. This type of sizing is actually not too big or not too small – it is just right. The board texture and your holdings will determine how strongly you should bet. However, a bet of this size should do enough to discourage drawing hands from calling.

Finally, overbets refer to pot-sized or larger bets. This can be profitable during turns and rivers but you should be wary because most players know that overbet is polarizing, which suggests you either have nuts or nothing at all. Use this when you identified a weak player.

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