Grabbing Those Online Casino Bonuses

Posted on 15th December 2018

At present, online casino games are rapidly developing in the industry, giving players the opportunity to experience casino games on land in the most convenient situations for them. Despite the fact that the casino offers so many promising advantages, according to the players, the most sought-after advantage is the online casino bonus that they can receive when registering and depositing money. 

Types of online casino bonuses

Online casino bonuses are part of a casino promotion aimed at attracting a group of players to create an account, make a deposit, place bets and play on their websites. There are two main types of bonuses, namely the Sticky Bonus and the No Sticky Bonus.


Special bonuses are the most common type of bonuses that you find first. This is the first step to attracting players by offering compelling amounts that can be used to bet on various casino games on their sites.

The idea of ​​a fixed bonus is that you can use it to play, but you cannot withdraw the amount from the casino, and you need to fulfill a certain wagering requirement before you can withdraw any payment from the games. For example, you made a deposit of $ 100 and received $ 100 without a 100% bonus, and the bid requirement is 20x, when calculating the bid requirement, your deposit is used plus a multiplied factor of 20 and the equation is ($ 100 + $ 100) x 20, which amounts to $ 4,000. Based on the above example, you must make a bet totaling $ 4,000 to be able to withdraw money from your account.

Deposit Bonus: This fixed bonus is the amount you can receive each time you make a deposit. Deposit money will be compared to online casinos for a certain percentage, for example, 75% or so. Therefore, it is also called a match bonus.

The advantage of this bonus is that you can use it as an initial balance and bet on casino games. However, there are casinos that set the rule for using bonuses only for video poker, blackjack or slot machines. Therefore, terms such as “Video Poker Bonus”, “Blackjack Bonus” and “Slot Bonus” are also used. And each time you withdraw money from your account, the bonus amount will decrease from your account, which will decrease the available balance from which you can withdraw money.

Welcome Bonuses: This is a type of deposit bonus, which is awarded when registering an account at an online casino. Therefore, it is also called a sign-up bonus. In most cases, this amount depends on the percentage of your initial deposit for your first deposit numbers. For example, you may have already seen some banners that show “200% of the welcome bonus of up to $ 4,000 in your first four deposits.” This explains that you can receive a bonus of up to $ 1,000, subject to a limit of up to $ 500 with a maximum of 200% on the deposit.

No Deposit Bonuses: some casinos offer a no deposit bonus, in which, in accordance with express conditions, the casino does not require you to make an initial deposit in order to receive the bonus. However, these amounts tend to have less value.


Non-sticky bonuses are the best types of benefits that you can get at any online casino. They usually get out of your redemption points, and you can withdraw these amounts any time they are available and you have enough points to get these amounts. Another example of the most valuable non-sticky bonus, but quite rarely, is free money, which you can withdraw by registering an account. However, this is usually given in smaller quantities and requires very high rates.

Comps: Comps are points that are awarded to players every time they make bets in any casino game. If you are familiar with the points of compensation in a real casino, things like free food, drinks, hotel accommodation, entertainment, airline tickets and others can go to your head. On the sites of online casinos, these compositions are also given in the form of points, where you can exchange these points for more valuable things or free money. Goods, such as gadgets, shirts and others, are mainly included in the exchange of compensation.

Cash Back Bonuses: In some casinos, money back bonuses are credited to players in whom, if they lost within a certain period of time, the percentage of their losses can be returned to their accounts and can be withdrawn or used again in rates. in casino games.

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