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Posted on 18th February 2020

Many people, who are new to gambling or hooked alike, generally tend to have the ‘wrong’ perception on what poker is. Looking at the complexity of this game and reputation had in past this isn’t the surprising observation. People think that poker is about bluffing, some think that it is about luck. Some may still see the game of poker as gambling game that is played by the suspect people in murky basements with cigarette and flickering lights. Some may perceive poker as the simple way to make money. Even though for one person poker may not be all what it is for other and thus there will not be the ‘correct’ answer to this question posed, we will give you little more insight in what Situs QQ is all about. 

Game of chance and skill

There will always be the discussion as whether poker must be seen as the game of skill or game of chance. Certainly with poker legislation (taxes) it comes down to such question. The elements, chance and skill, are very clearly signified in poker. However, which one has an upper hand? Isn’t this to diminish influence of chance at end result with playing style and skill? Surely power of chance on the results is bigger for somebody totally void of any knowledge about poker than for professional player? Is it bigger for somebody taking smallest edges than somebody playing conservative? There would be many traders relying more on the chance and ‘gambling in them’ than plenty of poker players. 

Online Casino Gaming

Poker today

Today poker is as easy to get to as possible. Many people play game of poker, either over internet or live. And this is brought in more by television.  Is poker all about making fortune? Certainly money adds emotion and excitement to this game. Suppose you think that poker is about money, probably you would like to win a lot if possible. Isn’t an only thing that you will do to achieve it trying to make best decisions? Bluffing then? Actually, bluffing is just the tool to make an optimal play or inducing the mistakes from opponents, in future hands. Let us talk about luck? Definite, luck is a part of game. Can poker be about only luck when it takes good amount to time to master? 


It is the game of strategy, skill, and luck—mostly, it is just fun. There’re many variants on basic rules of the game and sometimes best method to play is switching the game version from every deal. There are silly versions of this game, like the Strip Poker, and version where you can hold cards behind the head for opponents to see & bet on. Variations are never ending and you might find yourself make your own rules while moving along.

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