Stock Market isn’t Gambling

Posted on 19th July 2018

When talking about investing in a stock market, people usually say investing in stocks is like gambling around. Well, there is a lot in common between the two but the difference are far more. In both, you are to predict the future and drop your money with hope to win or lose. It does seem similar to gambling. The financial news also makes it even tough to differentiate. They keep on highlighting that certain companies have been into losses this week. This makes us fear that investing money is risky. Don’t let the fun in gambling and the fear of investment fool you.

All or nothing

In the case of gambling it’s all or nothing but for stocks, you will win or at least get back your amount fearlessly. The market keeps on going up and down. There are many ways by which you can save your money from loss. In stock, you can sell your stock when you see the bars going down. You won’t lose all your money. If you are on a long-term objective then there is the highest probability that you definitely make money.

Unlike gambling, you either win or lose. In here if your game is over or you are out of your hand, if you lose, you lose everything. You then have to make a new bid. However, an investment, you can reuse the money you withdrew from selling your stocks.


Looking for odds

Both investors and gamblers require analyzing some behavior to collect profits. Intelligent gamblers look for cues in a game and try to remember and recall the cards played several steps back. The investor has charts to look for a pattern. This way they can calculate the next step and predict the future. While in gambling, you just win or lose. You play the best and hope that you win. If you win, you get the money and if you lose, you lose all your money. In the stock market, it’s not the same case except in intra-day trading. Both investing and gambling have both risks. What matters is how much you want to risk. When you put your money on the stock, you have a chance to get your money back.


Both of the concepts have many things in common but the main thing that keeps it apart from the rest is it is much safer than gambling. You have an option to pull your hands out whenever you see the graphs are going down but in case of gambling you don’t have that choice. Once you made the bets, you are done. Either you triumph or you are down with your money. If the investment is of long-term them, you definitely are sure to make money. Togel sgp is quite secure that help you make some money.

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