What is Online Football Gambling?

Posted on 21st April 2019

Online football gambling is a type of online sports gambling in which gamblers bet on football games. Many websites have been set up to facilitate this type of gambling, and are often convenient and legal. Football is an American sport, so, in this essay, I will be talking about the bursa taruhan liga inggris.

What types of online football bets are out there?

The most popular type of football bet is the Moneyline Wager. The Moneyline Wager is so popular because it is easy to understand and is thought of the traditional sports bet. The methodology is simple: you bet on who you think will win a game. For example, the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers playoff. The odds are 1.7 to 2.6. If you bet $100 on the Seahawks, you would get $170 in return if the Seahawks win; and if you bet $100 on the Panthers, you would get $260 in return if the Panthers win.

There are also many other types of football bets. In Point Spreads, you are betting on how much a favored team will win or how little an underdog will lose. For example, if the Ravens and Broncos were playing against each other, and the spread was 8, then you could bet either 2 things: if the underdog (Ravens) win the game or lose to the favorite (Broncos) by under the spread, or if the Broncos win by more than the spread. Say you bet $100 on the Broncos with an odd of -110, which is American format for 1.9091. If the Broncos win by 20 points, then you get $190.91 back.

The next type of popular football bet is the Total. With totals, you are predicting how much points will be scored in a game in total. For, a bookie may give you the number 46. If you bet over, and the total scored is over 46, then you win the bet, and if you bet under and the total number is under 46, you win.

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How legal is Online Football Gambling?

In theory, football gambling is illegal in most US states. In the United States, there is a prohibition on sports betting in most states. Under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, it is illegal for states to legalize sports betting. However, this act only applies to land based betting casinos, while online gambling. Although Acts like the Wire Act and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act are in place, these do not directly affect online gamblers and have little enforcement power. The Wire Act only stopped people from making wire payments with the purpose of gambling, and UIGEA is only another form of the Wire Act. Many online gambling websites actually accept bets from US residents. For example, Bovada and 5Dimes, among many others. Since most of these sites are not based in the US, they are legal to gamble with, but you should be careful as to which sites you use, as some are not legal in many countries.

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